Passion's Platform Passion's Platform

Experience London's finest artistry. From melodies that resonate to visuals that captivate. Your journey into artistic brilliance begins here.

Diverse Harmony Diverse Harmony

Celebrate the tapestry of our city. Different voices, one captivating chorus. Unity and creativity intertwined at HP Festival.

Innovative Tradition Innovative Tradition

A dance of past and present. Honoring timeless traditions while embracing the new. Witness the evolution of fine art.


Unity in Diversity, Harmony in Artistry

HP Festival is an artistic odyssey, uniting captivating soundscapes, visual wonders, and heart-tugging performances. Dive in, savour the harmony of diverse experiences and let the magic of this cultural mosaic inspire you.
  • Soundscapes
    Lose yourself in mesmerising melodies of musicians & singers, experience the transformative power of music.
  • Visual Feasts
    Explore our paintings & sculptures. Each piece, a testament to human creativity & a feast for the senses.
  • Performing Arts
    Witness the magic of theatre & immerse yourself in the captivating world of film. Experience emotions laid bare & narratives unfolding in real time.
  • Laughter Therapy
    Let the joyous sounds of laughter permeate your being as stand-up comedians regale you with their wit and humour.
  • Talk Forum
    Engage in stimulating conversations and be a part of insightful discourses at our interactive talk shows.
  • Family Joy
    Children can partake in engaging acts and activities designed specifically for their delight and wonder.
Niki Karimi
Niki Karimi
The Bluematics
The Bluematics
Regina Skrida
Regina Skrida

Igniting Passion, Inspiring Unity

A Tapestry of Artistic Brilliance & Cultural Harmony

Immerse yourself in the symphony of artistic expressions that is the High Performance Festival (known as “HP Festival” and founded by British entrepreneur Meghdad Mostafaei), a harmonious blend of music, art, performance, and intellectual discourse over three vibrant days. Lovingly known as HP Festival, this event is not just a festival, it’s a powerful journey that kindles a passion for the arts and fosters an appreciation for the shared human experience.

At HP Festival, high-profile musicians and singers serenade the audience with resonant melodies, their performances echoing with the rhythms of our collective soul. Theatre and film presentations weave narratives that resonate, coaxing laughter and introspection, bridging the gaps between us through shared emotions. Our diverse palette extends to the realm of stand-up performances and talk shows, which breathe life into our event. The thought-provoking dialogues and the infectious humour embody the spirit of community, connecting us through shared laughter and insightful conversations.

The art gallery, brimming with mesmerising paintings and sculptures, becomes a silent yet eloquent speaker. It tells stories of our shared past, present and future, each artwork narrating its own tale, each one a vital thread in the vibrant tapestry of the festival.

HP Fest is an all-encompassing celebration, a place where everyone, regardless of age, can find something that resonates with them. Families are warmly invited to partake in this cultural feast and children can immerse themselves in various acts and activities tailored for them.

Our mission is to create a space where art can thrive, dialogue can flow, and people can connect. We believe in the power of art to inspire, to provoke thought, and to unite. Through HP Festival, we aspire to craft an unforgettable experience that transcends age and background, celebrating the unity in our diversity. Be a part of this journey with us, be a part of the High Performance Festival.


All the important info!

Venue Info

Our venue seamlessly blends the historic charm of the city with modern architectural marvels. The expansive grounds are divided into distinct sections, each designed to offer a unique festival experience. With intimate indoor stages, and various auditoriums, HP Festival promises an experience that is both grand and personal. The venue's strategic location ensures easy accessibility via public transport, with numerous bus routes and tube stations in close proximity. With on-site facilities like cloakrooms, restrooms, and relaxation zones, we ensure a comfortable experience from the moment you step in.


HP Festival boasts a rich tapestry of programmes, each tailored to satisfy the artistic soul. From electrifying musical performances by globally acclaimed artists to thought-provoking talk shows that stir the mind, there's something for everyone. Dive deep into our film screenings, let loose at stand-up comedy acts, or explore the myriad of visual arts on display. Our festival schedule, available on our website and mobile app, has been meticulously designed to allow attendees to experience multiple programmes without clashes. Every hour at HP Festival promises a new adventure, a new story, and a new memory.

Tickets & Registration

Securing your spot at HP Festival has never been easier. Our tiered ticketing system is designed to cater to diverse preferences. From VIP packages that offer exclusive experiences to general passes that guarantee unlimited fun, we have it all. Registration can be completed online on our trusted partner's platform,, , with instant e-ticket delivery to your email. On-site registration desks, equipped with quick digital check-ins, ensure a hassle-free process for last-minute attendees. Group bookings come with special offers, and for those looking to make the festival a family affair, there are attractive family packages.

Navigating the Festival

With so much to explore, moving around HP Festival is a journey in itself. Detailed maps, both digital and printed, are available for attendees. Signposts at regular intervals, coupled with interactive kiosks, ensure you're always on the right path. Our dedicated festival website offers real-time location tracking and programme updates, ensuring you never miss out on your favourite acts. Volunteers stationed at strategic points are always ready to guide and assist.

Food & Drinks

At HP Festival, the gastronomic experience is as rich and varied as the artistic one. With a Bistro Café curated from some of London's best eateries, attendees can indulge in a global culinary journey. Specialised zones, like vegan corners, dessert paradises, and cocktail lounges, cater to specific cravings. Hydration stations are placed throughout the venue, ensuring attendees remain refreshed. And, for those looking for a unique dining experience, our pop-up gourmet restaurants offer delectable dishes in a serene setting.

Safety & Accessibility

HP Festival places paramount importance on the safety and well-being of its attendees. Comprehensive security measures, including CCTV surveillance and security patrols, ensure a secure environment. For attendees with special needs, the festival grounds are equipped with ramps, tactile paths, and sign language interpreters. Security, ushers and staff with trained professionals, are strategically located to handle any exigencies.

Be Part of the Show

HP Festival transcends the conventional boundaries of an arts festival. Attendees aren't just passive viewers; they're active participants. Interactive art installations beckon your touch and interpretation, open-mic stages await your voice, and dance zones invite you to sway to the rhythm. Every corner of HP Festival encourages participation, be it through workshops, Q&A sessions, or impromptu jam sessions. So, come, immerse yourself, and leave an indelible mark on HP Festival's legacy.


2-3 March 24

11:00 - 22:00Unity in Diversity: The Gallery Experience
19:00 - 21:30Heydoo & The Bluematics
11:00 - 22:00Unity in Diversity: The Gallery Experience
19:00 - 21:30Film Screening: ATABAI, Screen Talk: Niki Karimi
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